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I know it seems like I haven’t been writing much for the past couple of weeks and that’s sort of true. You see, the thing is, I write for client’s and occasionally they would really like for me to concentrate on their priorities and well, ya know, not my own. Also, since in order to get the client’s I often have to write really long, tailored proposals I have to prioritize that writing over this. (Good news though, the proposal paid off! New client and a great project coming up for the next 6 months or so!!) And sometimes good clients who are just trying to either save money or believe that someone who knows subject matter is better than someone who knows how to write, call me up because they realized through experience that believing the latter can really screw up the former. In other words, their person wasn’t producing quality work and someone had to fix it. That someone, in this instance, is me. In between all of this I’ve had a couple of personal writing projects and, oh yeah, trying to have just a little bit of a life with my Beloved and my beloved friends. 

So, words, words, words have filled my head and my fingers but I have also endeavored to stay true to my camera and for the most part, am succeeding with only a minor hiccup or two here and there. 

First, this week’s Project 365 lessons: 

  1. When in doubt, whip it out! I caught a couple of really cool photos this week of things that I didn’t think were either going to work or that interesting. Not all of them made the cut here, but they are in my files and really, quite nifty.
  2. Personal integrity has to be monitored every f*#kin’ day. One day, I missed taking a photo and I swear the weirdest thought entered my mind — “Should I just use another photo from another day? I mean after all, I’m in the same damn places.” Good god, I scared myself. The answer is obvious, of course not! It’s a damn personal project for my own freakin’ enjoyment and growth! Yet there it was. Right in my head. Me — the fuckin’ paragon of integrity and virtue — and I’m having subversive thoughts. Fortunately, character won out but there’s an evil little imp still kicking in there somewhere. Gotta stay frosty.
  3. I love vistas. I didn’t realize how much I just love the way the world looks until one day I opened my “dumping” folder and saw shot after shot of horizons, scenery, trees, lakes, flowers, sticks, etc. Not many people in my photos. I wonder if it means anything?

 That said, without further ado, I present week four: 

Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 — A bad freakin’ day 

On Monday, I launched myself into a writing project that had been on my mind and climbing up my back for a while. I was on a roll too. The words and the story just flowed and I was IN THE ZONE! Bliss, I tell you. Bliss. Then, after four hours of so of total concentration, final spell check, grammar check, umpteenth proof read, review and approval by my Beloved I was ready to present the work for public consumption — AND MY COMPUTER ATE IT!! Actually, the on-line program I was working in ate it but never-the-less that sucker was gone for good. I raged. I actually cried. I went through the Five Stages of Grief, then finally accepted reality and realized I would have to start over the next day. Then to add insult to injury, I went to my karate class hoping to punch and kick my frustrations out only to remember that classes start an hour earlier the last week of the month. 

At that point, this was the only thing left to do. 

25-365 -- One of those days

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010 — A night with the girls 

I have a fantastic friend in town and on occasion we call each other at the last-minute to meet at our local wine bar for drinks and chit chat. She and I are very similar in many ways and I just love hangin’ with her. On this particular night, her Mom and one of her mother’s friends were there, as was pretty much every mover and shaker in my little town. It seems that the local Historical Association, of which I used to be a board member, finally paid off a pretty big debt and was celebrating. There’s nothing like walking into your favorite haunt, surrounded by good friends and great acquaintances alike, and watching faces light up when they see you. I’m a lucky, lucky girl. 

The shot is another of my “candlelight through glass and liquid” shots. I don’t think I ever tire of this type of image and I have no idea why. 

26-365_A Night with the Girls

Another interesting thing about this evening — completely unprompted by me — my girlfriend’s and a couple of the other local ladies within earshot told me that they think my Beloved Mike is, in fact, hot. Not in the “oh, he’s a nice, responsible man” way, but in the “if we weren’t married and/or if he wasn’t married to you, we ladies would definitely take a carnal interest.” Shrieks of not-very-chaste and definitely un-“ladylike” laughter filled our little corner of the bar. Gotta tell ya something, I LOVE that. Now maybe someone else might be jealous or worried or insulted or, or, or who the fuck knows what unflattering and unpleasant emotions go through people’s minds, but not me. He IS hot. And I consider their comments nothing but a compliment to him and an ‘atta girl!” to me. 🙂 It’s also nice to be a full, functioning person sometimes and not have to keep a veneer of civility plastered to your face. Keep ’em comin’, ladies! 

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010 — Glass Pond 

As promised, I’m going to probably end up with 30 to 40 shots of this particular pond just off my biking trail by the time the year is over. This morning, the temperature was in the mid-60s — a little cool but not cold — and the sky was a hazy overcast and the wind was completely still as I started to whoosh by this image. There was almost no one on the trail that morning and I was pretty much by myself the entire ride, passing only a few of the regulars. I ended up riding the bike a little way up the gravel trail in order to shoot the picture from a different angle and ended up hanging out there for about five minutes; but it felt like thirty. It was so completely still and almost silent (except for the damn constant traffic noise from the highway about half a mile away) that for a few minutes it seemed like time really did slow down. Awesome. 

27-365_Glass Pond

Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 — Uh, I got nuthin’ 

This was the day without a shot. I should have taken a photo of my pajama clad legs while I was sitting at my desk in front of my computer wondering how in the hell the person who had submitted the crappy script I was reading had the brass boobs to actually turn it in to her client and then CHARGE them for it. Oh. My. God. It was incomprehensible. It was grammatically and semantically a mess. It made no sense what-so-ever. I am still stunned but the sheer audacity of the piece of shit that the woman submitted with the phrase “I really have no idea what you’re looking for here.” How about competence? How about textual beauty? How about effectiveness at conveying concepts and fucking ideas? 

Anyway, there was noooooo picture. 

Friday, Jan. 29, 2010 — First Camellia 

Camellia’s are such a stereotypical Southern flower I knew when we finally landscaped our yard that I’d be including a variety or two. I’ve started with two plants of this white version. They are tucked under a sweeping Drake Elm and flank two massive Peace Lilly plants, who are currently struggling to recover from some nasty cold damage. The Lilly’s were covered, but those plants are just so tender….  The Camellia’s are also backed by a thick Viburnum hedge, next purple Ruellia, yellow Allamand, and close to a massive variegated Hibiscus. Towering above is 60′ – 70′ Lobloly Pine tree and a 40′ – 50′ Feather Palm that Mike and I planted as a pup. Add to the cacophony some variegated grasses, a huge Sago Palm, and a few other hardy weeds and a delicate little white flower about the size of my fist can get lost. But not this one. I spotted it across the damn lawn while I was zipping out on my bike that morning. There it was. White and proud and perfect. This little flower make my freakin’ day, I tell you. 

First Camellia of the season

Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 — Lake Apopka, old Dock and Harbor 

I spent Saturday completely re-writing the aforementioned crappy script. I still had to go to the grocery store and get my nails done since Mike and I had an evening at a local club planned. Again, this scene is just on the other side of the block from us so I whipped down for a quick pic on my way to the salon. 

What you’re actually looking at here is a historic dock and harbor. In the 20s and 30s our little town was a very large producer of vegetables and citrus. Before the railway became, one of the primary ways to transport goods and people through Florida were the rivers and lakes. Fruit and vegetables would be loaded on to boats and small barges here, then transported north through a series of canals connecting Lake Apopka with the St. Johns River, and finally to the seaport in Jacksonville.   

And now it’s a park. Of course, there are a few folks who think we should tear out the little harbors because the City has to maintain them  — and because, oh my god, what if someone falls off the bridges? — but quite frankly, those people are idiots. Why we should destroy something so unique and beautiful becomes some cheap-ass bastards haven’t mastered the art of not falling down, I can’t imagine. I almost hope they do fall off the bridges where the alligators can at least solve part of my problem by removing them from my community. Of course, then some idiot will suggest we get rid of the poor ‘gators. Sheesh. 

30-365_ Lake Apopka harbor and walking bridge

Well, that’s the week folks! Hope you enjoyed view from my Dogged Pursuit of Happiness!


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First a quick update on the Dad(s) situation. You read that right, we’ve now got TWO of them off-line. On Wednesday evening this week, we found out my 81-year old Father-in-Law (FIL) fell and broke his femur. Great googley-moogley, what the hell!? Anyway, FIL is currently unable to walk and has just been transferred to a rehab center/nursing home where hopefully the bone will heal and in a few months he’ll be able to walk again with a cane or walker. Right now he can’t and boy, does it suck. Another reminder of what we all get to look forward to in our “Golden Years” he says.     

This shot didn't make my Project 365 cut. It was also taken at Mama and Daddy's house.

Daddy finally got an appointment with a neuro-phychologist who confirmed what we already know (memory and verbal centers damaged) and we’re hoping to start working on a new plan. However, there was one worrisome bit — this time when asked who the president he said “Osama.” Mama told him he was off by a letter but it’s still troubling. He had been getting this question right though we weren’t sure if it was because he remembered or because he learned. Either way, it’s a bit of a set back.   

By the way, I highly recommend “My Stroke of Insight” by Taylor if you know anyone who’s had a stroke.    

But enough of all that for now! Back to me, me, me!!   

In response to a great idea by my buddy Hubman, I’ve decided to participate in Project365 where you commit to taking and posting a photo every day of the year for one year. I don’t have a fancy camera, just my iPhone and my old 4 mega pixel Kodak Easyshare but never-the-less, I’m in. Rather than posting here everyday, my plan is to put up the week’s photos on the weekend. (Oh, and I didn’t get anything for Jan. 1 so I started on the 2nd.)   

Click here to see this week’s photos. Enjoy! (more…)

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