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First a quick update on the Dad(s) situation. You read that right, we’ve now got TWO of them off-line. On Wednesday evening this week, we found out my 81-year old Father-in-Law (FIL) fell and broke his femur. Great googley-moogley, what the hell!? Anyway, FIL is currently unable to walk and has just been transferred to a rehab center/nursing home where hopefully the bone will heal and in a few months he’ll be able to walk again with a cane or walker. Right now he can’t and boy, does it suck. Another reminder of what we all get to look forward to in our “Golden Years” he says.     

This shot didn't make my Project 365 cut. It was also taken at Mama and Daddy's house.

Daddy finally got an appointment with a neuro-phychologist who confirmed what we already know (memory and verbal centers damaged) and we’re hoping to start working on a new plan. However, there was one worrisome bit — this time when asked who the president he said “Osama.” Mama told him he was off by a letter but it’s still troubling. He had been getting this question right though we weren’t sure if it was because he remembered or because he learned. Either way, it’s a bit of a set back.   

By the way, I highly recommend “My Stroke of Insight” by Taylor if you know anyone who’s had a stroke.    

But enough of all that for now! Back to me, me, me!!   

In response to a great idea by my buddy Hubman, I’ve decided to participate in Project365 where you commit to taking and posting a photo every day of the year for one year. I don’t have a fancy camera, just my iPhone and my old 4 mega pixel Kodak Easyshare but never-the-less, I’m in. Rather than posting here everyday, my plan is to put up the week’s photos on the weekend. (Oh, and I didn’t get anything for Jan. 1 so I started on the 2nd.)   

Click here to see this week’s photos. Enjoy! (more…)


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