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Of all the things that I have ever done, points of view I have voiced, or beliefs I’ve held, none have cost me more in the pursuit of happiness than my political opinions; which is very strange when you consider that almost NO ONE can accurately tell me what they are. Some folks believe that I am so “liberal” that I make Michael Moore look like a right-wing wingnut. Others say I’m so “conservative” that I am personally responsible for the collapse of the economy, the fall of America’s moral superiority, and every war since Korea. When topics that are remotely politicized come up, many of the people I know seem to have no interest in discovery or reasoning. Most appear to latch on to a label, bitch slap it onto my forehead, then start making accusations regarding my intelligence, heart, humanity or parentage.

It’s discussion via bumper sticker.


And I mean that in the old-school, “what a moron” sense of the word. (more…)


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