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“HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!”

 Though I’m an avowed agnostic that was the only thing that came to mind as I lay flat on my back, knees apart, while a tiny Korean woman (or Vietnamese, Japanese, whatever! I cannot be bothered with those politically correct details right now!) ripped the short hairs from my, ahem, very delicate, delicate place.

“Oh! So sorry,squeaks out with a giggle while a gloved hand covers her half-sorry smile.

She doesn’t know it but the real reason for the emphatic nature of my exclamation was not the pain (which was, indeed, intense) but rather at that moment I realized I was soon going to be paying this tot-sized terror $45 plus tip (TIP!!!!) for administering this particular and peculiar womanly rite. Fifty-five dollars to apply hot wax to my nethers and snatch it off with gusto. (more…)


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PROLOGUE — When you’re on a dogged pursuit, sometimes —  heck, most of the time! — you’ve got to get INTO it if you want results. Some of the “advice” and research I’ve found out there on the subject seems OK on it’s surface, like this one with tips and tricks to make your life better combined with pithy sayings about “happiness,” but in the end these ideas are really just about managing symptoms; sorta like sayin’ if you don’t want to have the flu don’t sneeze. But if you really want to get to the bottom of something, you — or rather I — have to dig deep to find the infection.
So with that in mind, today’s post…….
“You know, our friends are so nice. Nice people. I don’t have time for people who aren’t nice. Life’s too short.”
A totally unremarkable statement. Really. But once again, context rears it’s ugly head. The above set of short sentences was uttered by my neighbor, with whom, I was visiting yesterday. A couple in their late 60s, married 35 years; he a retired football coach, she a teacher. And he was just diagnosed last week with advanced pancreatic cancer. The prognosis is not good. (more…)

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So I’m standing around the Maitland Art Center chatting with one of the fabulous artists, whose new show, Confluence, I’m thoroughly enjoying, when a woman approached us. 

“Excuse me. I’m Jane Patteson with the Orlando Sentinel and I have a fashion column. I couldn’t help noticing how stylish you are and would like to take a picture of you for my on-line ‘Snapped’ series. Would you mind?”
Snapped! at 'A Confluence' exhibition, Maitland Art Center

Snapped! at 'A Confluence' exhibition, Maitland Art Center

I looked over at Anna (Real name. Go see the show if you’re in the area.) and she’s looking back at me. I wait for her to accept the invitation then suddenly realize they are both waiting for MY response. WTF?! I look back and forth for a second until it finally registers — I’ve been selected out of a crowd of good-looking, stylish, artsy, classy, rockin’ people because I STOOD OUT as having my own sense of style. Check. It. Out. Seriously, click the link and see what ya think.

I almost fainted. Seriously. (more…)

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