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Soooooo, the big “tattoo reveal” to the in-laws finally happened… with predictable results. Judgement, criticism, and condemnation masquerading as concern. I hadn’t told them about it because I knew what the reaction would be, mostly because my mother-in-law had already expressed her opinion on the subject in the past. But no matter really. I didn’t want to needlessly traumatize them and their approval or disapproval isn’t really a huge issue for me. Someone else on the other hand….

Let me back up: I have a tattoo. A large one. On my thigh. I got said tat when I was forty-one years old. I got it for several reasons including but not limited to: I wanted to, I’ve always thought they were cool, I wanted a permanent reminder of a big shift in my thinking, I wanted to burn my ships. The “burning ship” metaphor refers to an early explorer who, determined to journey into the Americas, upon landing in the “Indies” burned his ships so that turning back would not be an option.

My tattoo is a daily, permanent reminder that I do not want to go back to the way I was before. Which begs a couple of questions such as “what was I like before?” and “before what?” (more…)


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