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So… it’s been quite an unremarkable weekend; except for the nakedness. And the people. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you bring yourself up to speed. I explained the impetus for this little get-a-way in The good fight… . Twenty-four hours into my adventure, I posted Not perfect, but good… where I briefly mentioned that I’d met some pretty great folks.

But allow me to preface: before I came here to Cypress Cove Nudist Resort reactions to my announcement ranged from guarded admiration to utter incredulity to thinly veiled disgust. Depending upon the inflection, “Are you nuts?” was the general theme. People were definitely reacting the idea of folks in general and me in particular wandering around sans garb. However, if you really get down to it another phrase that sums up the gut-check reaction could be “what the hell is wrong with you?” And if you extrapolate it out, “what the hell is wrong with them” would also apply.

So I dedicate this post to “them,” the folks I met who introduced me to the nude resort and forevermore became the memory of “my first time.” (more…)


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My hair is driving me insane. My last trip to the hairdresser was a cluster f#&% of errors with a color screw up, try to fix the screw up, make it worse and damage the hair, then try to cover everything up with a bad cut on top of it. It’s been a month now and just getting worse and worse. My formerly luxurious tresses have the look, feel, and manageability of hay. I know, I mean I just KNOW that my hair looks like crap. It’s an absolute, hopeless mess.

The above statement would also be absolutely unremarkable except I’m currently sitting stark naked, poolside, at Cypress Cove Resort.

And I just realized that I’m worried about my hair and have been for about 25 minutes. (more…)

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Of all the things that I have ever done, points of view I have voiced, or beliefs I’ve held, none have cost me more in the pursuit of happiness than my political opinions; which is very strange when you consider that almost NO ONE can accurately tell me what they are. Some folks believe that I am so “liberal” that I make Michael Moore look like a right-wing wingnut. Others say I’m so “conservative” that I am personally responsible for the collapse of the economy, the fall of America’s moral superiority, and every war since Korea. When topics that are remotely politicized come up, many of the people I know seem to have no interest in discovery or reasoning. Most appear to latch on to a label, bitch slap it onto my forehead, then start making accusations regarding my intelligence, heart, humanity or parentage.

It’s discussion via bumper sticker.


And I mean that in the old-school, “what a moron” sense of the word. (more…)

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