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Hello world!

Me and the (rented) Goldwing. Arizona - 2008

A woman on a journey! - Me and the (rented) Goldwing.


Life, Liberty, and the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness! The “dogged” part is key.  According to my MSWord dictionary it means determined to continue without giving up in spite of difficulties.”

Ain’t it the truth. It’s not easy to find happiness and there are plenty of people, things, ideas, and events that at times seem to conspire against us, or at least against me. Worse, there are plenty of platitudes out there telling us what should make us happy: “Happiness is friendship.” “Happiness is giving.” “Happiness is spending less than you earn.” “Happiness is a good marriage.” And on and on and on. But in my experience trite phrases like these (and the litany of others foisted upon us day after day) fail to take into account real Life; chock full of difficulties, disapointments, and plain old ignorance. The biggest ignorant hole of all is “what exactly is happiness for me?” And perhaps you?

So this blog is part of my answer; a chronicle of my discoveries. It is about the joy and laughter found in the chase for happiness in the messiness of life. It’s about confronting ignorance – my own and that of others – in the sincere effort to learn something new and be a better person for it. It is about excercising the liberty we have to pursue those things that produce happiness, whether or not those things produce happiness for any one else. This is a journey about conqering fears – both real and imagined, large and small.  

And why, you may ask, do I plan to do all of this? So that at the end of my days (which are coming for us all) I will haved lived a life worth living. Without this effort (speaking of fears) I’m afraid that my days will simply tick away and I will exit this earth with little to show for it except for memories of missed opportunities. I will have tried and failed to create happiness for others as a good wife, daugher, sister, and friend but I will have failed to have found it myself. And the failure will have been through a lack of effort. And that, my friends, would just be too pathetic.

I hope you enjoy reading and commenting. Add on. I’d love to hear your perspective.


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